Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use are simple. You acquire a non-transferable, unlimited usage right for your business unit.

Terms of Use: Your Usage Rights

Terms of Use offer our forms in editable Word and Excel formats, not in secured PDF format.

We sell you a license to make an unlimited number of copies of our forms for use within a single business unit. We define a business unit as a logical element or segment of a company (such as accounting, production, marketing) representing a specific business function, and a definite place on the organizational chart, under the domain of a manager. Also called department, division, or a functional area.

Any recognized industry standard requires you to modify its requirement to reflect your business model. You need to add requirements, delete requirements, and modify requirements. The way we sell our forms allow you to do that.

Your organization is responsible, to various degrees, for the compliance of your entire supply chain to specific requirements. To reflect this responsibility you may want to enforce the importance of this responsibility by incorporating your company’s image (e.g. add your logo, change colors, font, headers and footers). The way we sell our forms allow you to do that.

We will discuss special pricing for organizations with multiple business units.

Terms of Use: Your Responsibilities

Terms of Use requires that you agree to use the forms only within your organization and only within and for your specific business unit.

You agree not resell the documents or spreadsheets.

You agree that if your subsidiaries, divisions, sites of your organization desire to utilize the documents or spreadsheets they are required to purchase their own sets.

You agree that if your business partners desire to utilize the documents or spreadsheets, they are required to purchase their own sets.

*We have inserted specific words, phrases, or punctuation that do not alter the meaning of a requirement but will uniquely identify our copyright work.

Disclaimers and Acknowledgement of the Rights of Others

With the exception of governmental providers of guidelines, check-lists and standards, most providers have some sort of copyright on their guidelines, check-lists and standards.

Our forms do not contain any content except the requirements themselves. For example, our ISO forms cover only statements of criteria; the ISO standard itself is not reproduced for resale. As you know, and as we have documented in our requirement’s database, a significant number of requirements that address a particular issue (e.g. the use of seals, perimeter security, facility cleanliness, data security) are contained within and are similarly worded in various guidelines and standards.

Any purchaser of our forms should review the statements of the provider. If an organization has already purchased a particular standard, as we have, then that organization already has the right to use the requirement statements, if such right is in fact required.

We have provided direct links to provider sites where you may review their copyrights, download their guideline, check-list or standard without cost, or, in the case of ISO, where you may purchase the standard.

We are not affiliated with any provider of any guideline, check-list or standard or with any certified body licensed to audit the guideline, check-list or standard.

We are not, nor will we become, licensed to perform audits.

We receive no fees of any sort from any provider, seller, auditor, or any other party related to the sale of our forms.