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Compliance Tracking Worksheet (Excel), for $99.99

Compliance Tracking Worksheet: Contains embedded features and functions in Microsoft Excel© to help you prepare for certification – before the audit begins.  Store compliance details for internal use. Use embedded color coding of compliance status to visually scan for areas of concern .Print  preformatted, professional-quality reports for internal tracking and for governmental agencies, business partners, and potential customers. Identifies requirements for Classifications A, B, and C.

TAPA Facility Security

TAPA Facility Security

Product Details: Our Home Page, and a downloadable Feature, Function, and Benefits PDF. Although our “Compliance Plan Template” not offered for TAPA FSR 2014, this PDF contains detailed information about both the Compliance Tracking Worksheets and Compliance Plan Templates.

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Compliance Tracking Worksheet: Screen Shot

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Comments: TAPA Security Standards (FSR/TSR/TACSS) have been established to ensure the safe and secure transportation, storage handling of any TAPA member’s (Buyer’s) assets throughout the world. The Facility Security Requirements (FSR) represents minimum standards, specifically for secure warehousing, or in-transit storage, within a supply chain.


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