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EIRSA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) & Affordable Care Act (ACA)Self-Compliance Tool for Part 7 of ERISA

Compliance Plan Template (Word) & Compliance Tracking Worksheet (Excel, both for $124.99.

Compliance Plan Template: A clear, internally consistent, and operational-level statement of compliance requirements in Microsoft Word©. Make changes to fit your business model. Print formatted professional-quality reports for governmental agencies, business partners, and potential customers.


Compliance Tracking Worksheet: Contains embedded features and functions in Microsoft Excel© to help you prepare for certification – before the audit begins.  Store compliance details for internal use. Print formatted professional-quality reports for governmental agencies, business partners, and potential customers.

Product Details: Our Home Page and a downloadable Feature, Function, and Benefits PDF contain detailed information about the Compliance Plan Templates and the Compliance Tracking Worksheets.

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Purchase HIPPA: EIRSA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Tool Set

Purchase ACA: EIRSA Affordable Care Act Tool Set


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Department of Labor Comments: “The tool was designed for group health plans, plan sponsors, plan administrators, health insurance issuers, and other parties to determine whether a group health plan is in compliance with some of the provisions of Part 7 of ERISA. However, references in this tool are generally limited to “group health plans” or “plans” for convenience.

The tool does not necessarily cover all the specifics of these laws; it is intended to assist those involved in operating a group health plan to understand the laws and related responsibilities. It provides an informal explanation of the statutes and the most recent regulations and interpretations and includes citations to the underlying legal provisions. The information is presented as general guidance, however, and should not be considered legal advice or a substitute for any regulations or interpretive guidance issued by EBSA. In addition, some of the provisions discussed involve issues for which the rules have not yet been finalized.”

Citation: Self-Compliance Tool for Part 7 of ERISA: HIPAA and Other Health Care-Related Provisions”, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), U. S. Department of Labor.

Free PDF Download: For a free downloadable PDF version of DOL’s Self-Compliance Tool for Part 7 of ERISA: DOL’s Self-Compliance Tool for Part 7 of ERISA (PDF).

Terms of Use The purchase price is per business unit for an unlimited use license. Use is limited to the purchasing business unit. Purchase confirms acceptance of the Terms of Use.

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