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About the Terms and Definitions Compliance Dictionary

Our Terms and Definitions Dictionary currently covers over 3,000 terms and their definitions from over 15 different sources. And, we continue to expand this dictionary as we expand our product line.Excellence-158463

We did not digitized terms and definitions for sale. It was actually a comment by a colleague asking about the definition of a compliance term that led us to go back, reformat definitions as used by the providers of guidelines and standards, and build a searchable dictionary.

The value of this dictionary is that it allows a person from one profession or field to gain a better understanding of how others use particular terms in their fields and areas of specialization.

The definition of a term does often differ across checklists, guidelines, and standards.  Terms used by compliance professionals may not be clearly understood by others within their organization. An individual in one profession may never have heard of a term used in another profession.

Please feel free to use our Terms and Definitions Dictionary to better understand the lexicon of others… or, just find some obscure term and drop it on your colleges.

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Links to Terms and Definition Sources

Guidelines, Standards, and Sources

Compliance terms and their definitions were taken from published material that includes those found in the following guidelines, standards, and sources: ASIS SPC.1-2009, Counsel of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), GFSI (5th Edition), IFMA (EPA Energy Star), IFMA (Sustainability – Food Service), IS0 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 (E), ISO 28000:2007 (E), ISO 28001:2007, ISO 31000:2009, ISO 9004:2009, and SQF 2000.

We continue to expand our dictionary of terms and their definitions.

For the sources of definitions from providers of guidelines, regulations and standards noted above, you may visit the Provider Sites page and download the full text of documents which will contain definitions.


The Council of Supply Chain and Marketing Professions was founded, in part, by our personal and long-time friend, Dr. Donald J Bowersox. We miss him greatly and we honor his contributions to the field of Supply Chain Management … and his ability to tell some of the worst possible jokes.

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