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About the Compliance Requirements Dictionary

We have digitized hundreds of compliance requirements from various providers of standards and guidelines. Our current dictionary has slightly over 3,000 specific requirements from 8 different sources. We will continue to expand this important source of information.


Common Requirements Across Standards

As you might expect, there is often significant overlap of similarly worded requirements across standards and guidelines.

We believe this dictionary is of significant value to companies that want to know how the requirements of multiple guidelines and standards overlap. And, to find requirements from multiple sources that can be used to improve their own compliance plans.

The use of this service is provided without fee. You are responsible to review the results identified in the context of the provider’s guideline or standard. With the exception of ISO, free and downloadable PDF’s of standards and guidelines are available at the provider’s website.

How to Use the Compliance Requirements Dictionary

Source: A single source may be selected from the dropdown of sources. If no source is selected, all sources will be searched.

Keyword: You may enter a word, partial word, or phrase.

Search: When the Search button is clicked, the results that will be returned and will include:

The Source(s) of the compliance requirement.

Our internal requirements ID schema for this dictionary (see “4-level Requirements below).

Compliance Requirement: The text of a  Compliance Requirement as provided by the Source.

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About Our 4-level Requirements ID

About Our 4-level Requirements ID

You need to be aware that when we provide search results and requirement IDs, the requirement IDs may differ from those used by the provider.

We started with the requirement ID schemas we used within the products we sell. Standards and guidelines providers use differing levels of requirements ID’s (e.g.1.1 or 1.1.1 or 1,1,1,1); some had no requirements IDs (e.g. C-TPAT; and, some had internally inconsistent levels of requirements IDs (e.g. 1.1.1 in some places and in others).

In order to build an internally consistent database to study requirement equivalencies, we used a 4-level identification schema. This required us, in many cases, to add ID levels when a guideline or standard used less than 4-levels. We added level of requirements in some case when the provider used different levels of IDs within their own requirements numbering schema. For some, like C-TPAT, there is no numbering schema so we used our own 3-level schema;  and, for the requirements database we added a 4th level .


Using the Results

We believe this dictionary is of significant value to companies that want to know how the requirements of multiple guidelines and standards overlap. The idea of using compliance requirement equivalency to improve any compliance plan has been and remains an area of research interest to us.

For example:  Our Company is certified to Standard XXX… What requirements within Standard XXX are present in other standards that we are interested in?

For example: We are trying to enhance our own Compliance Plan for Guideline YYY… are there requirements in other standards and guidelines that we could review and, if appropriate, incorporate into our enhanced compliance plan?

For Example: We want to demonstrate to our business partners our commitment to being their preferred supplier… What specific requirement statements about “business partners” could we find to improve our position as a preferred supplier?


Your Input

If you see an error or want to suggest new terms and definitions sources we should add please Contact Us.

We will continue to expand our database and if you have criticisms and suggestion we would appreciate your input.


Links to Guidelines and Standards

Our Provider Sites page provides you with links to providers of guidelines and standards. In almost all cases you will be able to download the full text of a specific Guideline or Standard at no cost..

In building our Compliance Requirements Dictionary we did not, in our opinion, change the context of any requirement. However, you are responsible to confirm that since  the meaning of specific compliance requirements needs to be understood within the overall purpose and scope of a guideline or standard.