About the Partners


Some brief facts about the partners of Prep4Audit, LLC

John E Griggs,Managing Partner Prep4AuditCompliance Management

Dr. John E. Griggs is a three-time graduate of Michigan State University, graduating with a Bachelors of Science with honors in Chemical Engineering in 1963, an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing in 1967 and his Ph.D. in 1968.  His doctoral level fields of study included electrical engineering, marketing, economics, and finance.

Dr. John E. Griggs is currently the managing partner of Prep4Audit (formerly Supply Chain Sustainability, LLC) and the managing partner of mPower Support Services, a software service partnership that supports the merchandising field force of a large consumer products company.

From 1985 through 2006, Dr. Griggs was Chairperson and President of GSC Mobile Solutions. GSC Mobile Solutions developed and marketed a suite of software products focused on compliance management (inspections and audits).

Dr. Griggs co-founded and was the President and Chairperson of Systems Research Incorporated (SRI) from 1967 through its acquisition by the Burroughs Corporation in 1981. SRI developed high-performance front-end data communications processors and various systems software products to users of Burroughs and Hewlett-Packard mainframe computers. Dr. Griggs was involved in a variety of governmental and private consulting projects. Many projects were in the field of supply chain management, working with leaders in that field from Michigan State University such as  Dr. Donald J Bowersox and Dr. David J. Closs.  SRI was acquired by Burroughs in 1981. Dr. Griggs became Chairman/CEO of Burroughs-System Research Inc. until 1982.

Ms. Rosemary A. Haight, Partner

Ms. Haight is a Partner of Prep4Audit and a Partner in mPower Support Services, LLC. Within Prep4Audit, Ms. Haight is charged with the marketing and support of Prep4Audit’s products and for the financial and legal administration of the partnership and its projects.

Ms. Haight was part of the research team contracted by Michigan State University and funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to investigate food supply chain security. For this research she coordinated the first US-wide survey of environmental health professionals focused on their role in response to a natural or terror-initiated incident. She has been involved in the sale and post-project customer support of EQM, an enterprise quality management software application used by key certification and registration bodies focused on ISO certification.