About Us

About Us… a Simple Business Approach and Practical Solutions

There is nothing simple about preparing an organization for compliance to an industry guideline or standard. This is true if you are being certified by a qualified 3rd-party or have elected to self-certify.

We believe that our business and academic experience in continual  process improvement has allowed us to build simple to use, comprehensive, and professionally designed compliance plan templates – the providers statement of requirements – and compliance tracking worksheets – a tool to allow you to prepare for internal and 3rd-party compliance audits.

The tools are in Word and Excel.

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[accordion title=”Our Business Goal is Straight Forward”]
We want to help your organization prepare for and monitor compliance to relevant industry  guidelines and standards,

We develop and sell report-ready, modifiable compliance plan templates and compliance tracking worksheets.

We offer no other services and we have no business relationship with any standard provider or auditing organization.

[accordion title=”Practical Audit Preparation Tools. In Word & Excel, Not PDF”]
There were three key reasons we provided our audit preparation tools in Word and Excel.

Template Features That Fit Your Business Model. You need to modify requirements to fit your business model. Each and every relevant industry check list, guideline or standard requires that their requirements be modified to fit your organization’s business model. You need the ability to easily modify their requirement statements. You need the ability to communicate you unique compliance requirements internally and to your business partners and suppliers in your own style and lexicon. This required Word.

Cross-functional Team Communication. You need to be able to communicate with a cross-functional team and with management. You need status reports that you can modify to match your business look-and-feel, print, convert to PDF, email to team members. We have embedded easily modifiable reporting functionality in our tools. This required both Word and Excel.

Practical, Embedded Functionality. You need built-in, practical features that simplifies the internal compliance audit preparation process. You need an internally consistent numeric requirements ID schema which may not exist in published guidelines or standards; you need modified numbering where it is necessary to allow responses to be reduced to operational-level. You need drop-down response options that fit the requirement statements and will allow for subsequent statistical analysis. You need a way to visualize where the problems are; a difficult task when dealing with scores and scores of distinct requirement statements. This required Excel.

[accordion title=”Providing Tools in Word & Excel Requires a Business Model Based, in Large Part, on Trust”]
Providing our tools in Word and Excel format was a difficult business decision on our part.

On one hand we recognize that less than honest individuals will ignore our copyrights. Others will simply be unaware of the terms of sale; in which case we are deprived of revenue and the working funds to generate more form sets.

On the other hand, the Word and Excel formats were required to provide you with the flexibility, features, and functionality you needed.

Do we trust you to honor and convey to others our terms of sale?  Yes, the majority of you will honor the terms. Frankly the low-cost of the tools would never justify the risk. And for the small number that might risk it, we have embedded identifiers and will enforce our copyrights and terms of use.

Our Terms of Sale: Unlimited Usage within a Single Business Unit.